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Have you ever wondered if there are other ways to sell your house fast without working with a realtor?

If you want to sell your house, it is important that you find an approach that is most suited to your needs. While hiring a professional realtor might be the most common way of selling your house, but it is not necessarily the best option.

Another option is to sell your house fast to an investor. If you’re unsure, then read ahead and learn about the many benefits of selling your house quickly and efficiently to an investor

1. Selling On Timeline You Choose(Fast Or Slow) 

Selling a home is tremendously difficult with all of the various challenges that can arise. One of the big ones is finding a new place to live after you’ve sold your house, which can be difficult with tight rental availability and high prices in some areas.

It’s hard to make a serious offer on a new house when all your money is stuck in the old one. But, you also need a place to live while shopping for a new house.

Traditional real estate deals are uncertain (they can fall through at any point), which makes timing both sales difficult.

One of the many advantages of an investor is that you can pick whatever close date you want. This makes it really easy to do things like sell your old house at the same time as buying a new one.

2. No Commissions 

When you sell a house with a real estate agent, you have to pay commission. The price varies, but it typically comes out to about 6% of the home’s sale price. That means that when you sell a house for $300,000, you have to immediately pay your agent $18,000.

As long as you have enough equity in your home, you don’t have to pay this out of pocket. As a result, some people don’t look at it as an expense. However, that’s $18,000 of your investment that you have to give to someone else. 

3. The Investor Will Pay All Of The Fees 

Along with commission, you have to pay other fees at the closing table. Title costs, payoff fees, attorneys’ fees and transfer taxes are just a few of them.

If you sell your house fast to the right investor, you won’t have to worry about any of these costs. The investor will cover all of them. 

4. No Repairs To Make Or Buyers Asking For Concessions

There is typically a lot of negotiation that goes on during a real estate sale. The agent will handle the process and a good agent will ensure that most of the negotiations end up going in your favor. Even so, there are always buyers asking for concessions. Sellers often end up having to compromise on some of the buyer’s demands in order to be able to sell their home.

One of the most common scenarios is when buyers want to renegotiate after inspection. This usually happens when they find something they were not expecting and don’t have the budget for it right now. Other times, sellers might offer a reduced sale price so as to compensate for any significant repairs. In other words, they couldn’t care less about you making repairs on the home.

5. No Showings 

Nobody likes them, but showing the house to potential buyers is an important part of selling your house. Unfortunately, plenty of neighbors and other “lookie-loos” will eagerly turn up to take part in touring your home.

When you sell your house fast to an investor, it can save you a lot of time and money. You just have to be for one walkthrough that is optional. Plus, cleaning up before the investors arrive is also optional! 

6. Easy To Understand Paperwork

Did you know that real estate transaction documents are about 50 pages long? As you might imagine, this much information is overwhelming and it’s easy to miss something important. 

Without all the concessions and back and forth, the paperwork for selling to an investor is pretty short and sweet — not to mention, easy to understand.  One of the many advantages that can help you be on top of your selling experience.

7. No Escrows Falling Through Because Of Bank Financing

One of the most common reasons that real estate deals fail is because the buyer could not get financing from their bank. But you don’t have to worry about that!

When selling to an investor, this concern evaporates. Investors are likely going to pay cash for houses, meaning there is no bank to contend with and it gives them the ability to buy the house, solely based on the price. This means that things like inspections or appraisals are not an issue and will not present a problem in completing the deal. This is one of the advantages that is really helpful and can definitely make or break a sale!

8.  Flexibility To Your Needs

Few buyers are willing to give home sellers a cash advance before the sale is officially closed, and even fewer are willing to agree to a “moving out” period after closing. With these facts in mind, it’s clear that you need an experienced professional real estate partner who can provide cash for your house.

However, investors are not bound by the same rules because they are using their own money. With them, you can come up with the best solution for your needs and help your position without having to ask for permission from a bank. The list goes on-and-on!

9. No Prep Work 

If you’re selling your house, you have to clean it up thoroughly beforehand. You should also make sure it’s tidy before each viewing. You also have to hustle everyone out when potentials buyers come to view the place. 

One of the many advantages that you need to know is that all of that goes away when you sell your house fast to an investor.

10.  Leave What You Don’t Want Behind

When selling to an investor, many of them will allow you to leave behind things that you don’t want. This can be super handy. If you have ever moved out of a house after living there for a long time, you can probably relate to this. You will find so many things in the house you need to get rid of.

Rather than making multiple runs to the garbage dump, you can leave unwanted items at the house and let the investor deal with it all. 

Ready To Sell To An Investor?

You can’t deny the advantages of selling to an investor. When you choose this route, you get to enjoy all these benefits and more.

But be warned, you need to choose the investor carefully. The world is full of real estate investors looking to take advantage of people having a hard time. That’s not the way we work here at Brickment Homes.

Advantages Of Selling To Brickment Homes | We Buy Houses!

Instead, we’re all about offering people a fair price for their homes. Sometimes it takes some number magic, but we’ve even managed to make fair offers on homes that other investors have turned down!

Intrigued? Want to know more about selling to an investor? Give us a call today to find out what are your advantages and what we can do for you so you can sell your house fast!


Karnik is a proud co-founder of Brickment Homes and been helping people sell their houses since 2020!

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